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Honda CBR500X (2021)

Honda CBR500X (2021)

  Following a ground-up redesign in 2019, Honda’s A2 licence-friendly compact adventurer receives new graphics and three new colour schemes for 2020, including a touch of Africa Twin. The CB500X is also now homologated for EURO5.


The CB500X – originally launched in 2013 alongside the naked CB500F and fully-faired CBR500R – brings crossover adventure style to Honda’s fun-focussed twin-cylinder ‘light middleweight’ trio. It is a motorcycle that, without fanfare, quietly gets on with the job of being supremely competent and adaptable in use for a wide variety of owners.


The CB500X’s usefulness is down to a straightforward equation - a perky, well-regarded twin-cylinder engine which produces real torque and drive from low rpm, and revs hard up top - plus a chassis that gives a supremely comfortable ride both around town and out on the open highway.


It slips between the role of short-hop commuter to weekend tourer effortlessly. Long travel suspension irons out irregular road surfaces, wide handlebars provide leverage and the upright riding position offers both comfort and a wide field of view for the rider. In other words, the CB500X has proved an all-rounder in every sense of the term.


In 2016, a first upgrade saw the CB500X receive a larger fuel tank, more wind protection and a taller screen. It also gained LED lighting, spring preload-adjustable front forks and an adjustable brake lever.


Its 2019 evolution delivered more sophisticated adventure style, more engine performance and a number of chassis upgrades, ensuring that while the CB500X remained confident in its wide-ranging abilities, its ‘X’ factor was amplified a good deal louder.




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