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CRF400RX ENDURO (2021)

CRF400RX ENDURO (2021)


For 17YM Honda introduced an all-new, competition-ready enduro machine into its off-road line up–the CRF450RX.Starting from this solidbase, RedMoto had developed the 400 whichimmediately proved to be the right bike for amateurs and not only. Precisely in those years, famousriders of the Enduro World Championship already used the reduced displacement in internationalraces.An HRC-developed cylinder head upped peak powerand torque considerably in 19YM; HRClaunch control was also added along with revised rigidity balance for the frame and swingarm, anew front brake caliper and adjustable-position Renthal Fatbar. For 20YM, just like its450sibling, itreceived Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).21YM sees a major evolution for the CRF400RX.This new modelit’s an even more formidable off-road weapon, devastatingly fast over the ground and, as importantly, with high build quality andreliability that makes it easy to live with over the years of ownership.


Model Overview

For 21YM, like its450sibling, the CRF400RX receives a wide array of improvements under adevelopment theme of ‘The ultimate off-road weapon'. Firstly it is 2.3kg lighter thanks to a revisedframe and subframe. The new frame and swingarm’s rigidity balance, combined with tighterchassis geometry, heightened ground clearance and suspension changes, are all targeted atcreating optimal cornering performance.The engine also benefits from HRC’s knowhow to give a strong focus, smoothing the low-to mid-range torque. The decompressor has been relocated, airbox volume is up, the throttle bodyredesigned and exhaust ports re-shaped. The exhaust downpipe is new, and a single mufflerreplaces dual mufflers.A larger-volume hydraulic clutch has an even lighter lever action, while other weight-saving detailsinclude a smaller fuel pump and optimized magnesium cylinder head cover. New plastics, too, arelighter and slimmer to aid rider freedom and the seat is a smaller unit, lower at the back. Brushguards are now standard fit, and the side stand tucks away more neatly. A smart new HRC stylegraphic scheme completes this major update.

Key Features


• Narrower swing arm spars and swingarm pivot point, with revised swingarm rigidity balance

• Geometry changes combine with the above to improve cornering ability

• Re-valved front suspension with an extra 5mm stroke matched with re-valved rear shock

• Improved ergonomics from smaller new seat, and more compact, redesigned plastics


• Larger airbox plus revised throttle body and exhaust ports for improved bottom-end

• New exhaust downpipe with single muffler boosts torque and saves weight

• Larger volume hydraulic clutch replaces cable operation for consistent and light lever feel

• Revised decompressor system gives improved stall resistance


• Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with 3 riding modes (plus OFF)

• HRC Launch Control offers 3 start options

• Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) features 3 maps to adjust output character

• HSTC button now rationalized into the left-hand switchgear

• HRC Setting tool updated for changes to Aggressive and Smooth modes


You can find the explanation of the Key Features in the specificatations (specificaties CRF400RX 2021).






Specificaties CRF400RX (2021)

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